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In my opinion, the all time funniest dog 
humor site on the web is:
Harold Reynolds' Humour Collection
The Bad Dog List

Health and Breeding
Care and Training
Showing and Sports
Philosophy and Religion
Business and Politics Seasonal/Holidays .

Reasons Why Dogs Don't Use Computers

If Dogs Used Computers

Dogs And Computers: Same or Different?

Why Dogs Don't Drive

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Signs Your Dog Is More Intelligent Than You

Signs You Have a Dumb Dog

How Dogs Make The Best Fishing Buddies

The Dog And The Butcher

The DOG User's Manual 

A Dog Named Sex

A Twisted Glad-Lock Commercial

Soap and Water

Dog Humor One Liners

Something that can

Letter to a Small Hotel Owner

Cats and Dogs


How Many Dogs Does It Take To Change A Light bulb

Ways the Miss America Pageant Would Be Different if the Judges Were Dogs

Changes at the White House Now That the Clintons have a Puppy

How You Know Martha Stewart is Stalking Your Dogs

Doggie Dictionary

Top 10 Reasons Shedding is a Good Thing

The Top 15 Signs Your Dog Has Been Replaced By a Robot Dog

Jesus Is Watching

In the Ribbons 

Movie Dog

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Mind Games Dogs Play With Humans

Why Dogs Are Better Than Men - Version 1

Why Dogs Are Better Than Men - Version 2

How Men And Dogs Are The Same

Why Men Are Better Than Dogs

Men Are Better Than Dogs Are Better Than Men

Why Dogs Are Better Than Women

Why Women Are Better Than Dogs

Winner's Bitch Seeks Best of Opposite Sex

Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids

Unexaggerated Truths About Kids and Their Pets

Genie Grants Three Wishes 

It's Me or the Dog (scroll down)

Guide to Dog Kisses

You Know You've Gone to the Dogs When...

Signs You Are Obsessed With Dogs

You Know Your Dog Is Spoiled When....

You Know You're A Dog Person When....Version 1

You Know You're A Dog Person When... Version 2

You Know You're A Dog Person When... Version 3

You Know You're A Dog Person When... Version 4

You Know You're A Dog Person When... Version 5 
And Even More! 

Does Your Dog Own You?

Are you Really Into Dogs? 

Devoted To Your Dog? (Quiz) 

If you can....

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Health and Breeding
Signs You've Gone To a Bad Veterinarian 

The 5 Crucial Food Groups According To Dogs

A Disease of Breeders 

Dog Owner's Fitness Program 

Signs Your Dog Has A Problem With Alcohol

The 12 Steps Of Dogaholics Anonymous

Dogaholics Anonymous 

Crazy Crossbreeds

Tale Waggers - Sweatin' with the Doggies

Excellent Reasons To Have Your Dog Fixed

Welcome To Your Vet's Automated Phone System

A New Disease

Warning - Highly Contagious New Disease!!

Map of a Dobe's Brain

Farting Dog Harmonics

Top 10 Stinkers

Immune System Strengthening

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Care and Training
The Lesser Known Commands

Reasons Why You Should Pick Up After Your Dog

Character Traits You Don't Want In Your New Dog

The Pack Leader's Bill Of Rights

Dog Rules

Basic House Rules For Dogs

Dog Eared Dog Rules 

If Dogs Made The Rules

Rules For Pampered Pets

Using a Rolled Newspaper

Rules For Dogs That Run The House

Vacation Tips for Traveling Canines

How To Photograph A Puppy

Virtual Fetch

Bad Human

Potential Puppy Owner's Quiz 

What the Dogs Have Taught Me

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Philosophy and Religion
Dog Thoughts

God Creates Dog

Things You Can Learn From Your Dog

Life Lessons Learned from a Dog

Jewish Dog (1)

Jewish Dog (2)

Rudy's Rules

Dog Horoscopes

Kylie's Psychic Puppy Network

Want a Little Cheese With That Whine?

How About a Little Cheese with MY Whine?

The Dog Commandments

The 10 Commandments According To Your Dog

The Canine 10 Commandments

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Business and Politics
Equal Opportunity Employer

Seeing Eye Dog?

Ways the U.S. Would Be Different If the Next President Were a Dog


Guide Dog Story

Poker Player and Bricklayer


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A Dog's New Years Resolutions - Version 1

A Dog's New Years Resolutions - Version 2

Howliday Humor


Doggie Christmas Carol Links

'Twas the Night Before...

Leilah and Copper's Personal Howliday Pages

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