Links updated for Christmas 2001

Christmas Bawls - A Merry Barkerick Holiday Etiquette For Dogs Jingle Dogs and Cats (wav files)
Doggie Wonderland Version 1 Gift Wrapping With A Puppy Santa Claws Is Coming To Town
Doggie Wonderland Version 2 A Christmas Tail Dog Christmas Links
Dog Carols Part 1 12 Days of Puppy Christmas Version 1 A Canine Christmas
Doggie Carols Part 2 12 Days of Puppy Christmas Version 2 The 12 Labs of Christmas
Doggie Carols Part 3 and other humor Ode to Winter Rescue Barbie
Doggie Carols Part 4 Dog Christmas Cartoon Dear Santa
Doggie Carols Part 5 A Rott'n Christmas Greeting Christmas Haiku
Doggie Holidays Poem from the Dog Yorkie's Jingle Bells lyrics
A Christmas Story Bad Christmas Stories
This is their search engine - just put Christmas in the title slot and hit fetch....
More Canine Christmas Fun
What NOT to get your dog for Christmas Dear Santa Starship Schnauzers Save Santa
Christmas Wishes for Dog Owners . .
12 Days of Catmas
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Labrador Christmas Carols Pepper
A very touching story
New Year's Resolutions Of Our Favorite Breeds A Dog's New Year's Resolutions Another dog's New Year's Resolutions
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