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Poetry And Quotes

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'Twas The Night Before Christmas - Various Versions

 A Dog Named Beau (By Jimmy Stewart)

Ode to Mr. Chewman

If Only (Obedience)

First Time At A Dog Show

Show Dog Magazine Collection

The Perils of Renee


Dog-O-Mania's Poetry Page

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Birthday Wish From A Dog

Poem For New Puppy Owners

Lament Of A Lady Who's Gone To The Dogs
Poem for Show Folks

The Dog's Cold Nose

The Great Dog Convention 

Dog Haiku

The End of the Raven  by Edgar Allen Poe's Cat


Canine Capers Quotes

Dog Quotations

A Selection of Literary References

Great Dog Quotes

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Dog Proverbs

Dog Quotes

EEjack's Dog House Quotes

Dog Quotes - Illustrated

Great Quotes about Dogs



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