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Breed Humor

Dedicated to Jennholly's sister - A woman who liked a good laugh as she battled cancer.
d. 1999

* notes sites not working at last update, I hope they return.

The Dark Side of the Airdale

Australian Shepherd - Herding 101

Beagle Jokes 

Borzoi - The Adventures of Wonder 'Zoi 

The Crime - Boxers

Bulldog - You Know You're a Bulldog Owner If....

Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Brown Dog Humor

Corgie - The 10 Commandments

Corgi Hysteria

Dachshund - NIMBY (Oscar the Wiener Dog)

Dachshund Antics

Dachshund - Dachs Song

Dachshund Club of America Humor page

Dalmatian Joke

Great Dane Checklist


Kerry Fun Things - Kerry Blue Terriers

Labrador Retrievers - Caleb's Corner 

The All-New Politically Correct Breed Standard For The Labrador Retriever

Maltese Humor

Malamute - Life Without A Malamute.... 

Pekingese Humor

Poodle - Jurassic Poodle

Puli Wannabees

Rottweilers - Ode To Mr. Chewman

Saint Bernard Cartoons

Schnauzer - The 10 Commandments For Giant Schnauzers

Schnauzer Space

Sheltie - To Build A Sheltie

Volcalvino, PhD - Shar Pei

Show vs Field Weimaraners

West Highland White Terrier - Westie Humor 

Vizsla Humor

The Complete Vizagle 

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