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Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?
Thinking of giving up your Pet?  Need basic info on how to live with them?  Some food for thought too.

Choosing the Right Dog for You
Often underestimated, picking your pet is a crucial step in getting a dog you can live with happily - looks aren't everything! 

Looking for a Responsible Breeder? Want to know about Pet Store Puppies? Thinking of Breeding Your Own Dog? Please read these pages first!

Spay and Neuter Information Links
Reasons and info to just do it!

Rescue and Adoption Links
General Info and lots of shelter listings, including a special section for California.

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Health Info, Kennel Clubs and Sport Info, Shopping for Your Dog, etc... All Sorts of Stuff!

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Home Made No-Sew Duct Tape Dog Booties

Canine Melanoma
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About Dog Registries and Kennel Clubs

A new Kennel Club (Satire)

An Open Letter to Rescue Site Webmasters

Leilah's Personal Holiday Pages

How Copper Became a Hot Rodder
Copper and his cart, and info on disabled dogs.

Bringing Up Chickendog

Submit a Rescue Site

Dog Sports Humor

Mast Cell Cancer

My Videos on
silly stuff including Copper having fun in his cart. 

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Interesting Ways Dogs Non-Qualify at trials

Health Tests for Breeding Dogs
Trying to get info on all breeds!


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