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All original materials, text, backgrounds, and photos Copyright© 1998 - 2007 (except as noted). All submissions are property of the authors and used here with permission. Please do not re-use without permission. I do not want to have any text I've written be used for any commercial purposes (for-profit magazines or books), though  publishing just the URL is fine. This site is a fairly "grass roots" one person operation, has been built with no sponsors, no commercial link exchanges. It's been word of mouth (web?), people and search engines who link to it or recommend it have mostly found it on their own. I'd like to keep commercialism out of it.

That said, you have my permission to use any of the "Can We Help You Keep Your Pet" information in any not-for-profit context, as long as you provide source and credit information. For this purpose, I have put the URL at the top of the pages, so site credit will print out automatically if you print the web page. I hope soon to be adding .pdf printable versions of some pages. Contributing authors have contributed knowing this will get as wide a distribution as I can make possible. 

You are welcome to link to any page you want, though the home page would probably be best to get the most information out to those who need it. I would be thrilled if every pet lover linked to these pages. You never know that someone who read this material from a link on YOUR site might find a solution to surrendering his or her pet. If you want a banner for a link to the main page, you can download one of these to use:

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Anything you can do to get this site read by the people who need it will be greatly appreciated.

Now, about those contributing authors. I am very grateful to the Acme Pet bulletin boards, where most of this site was developed. The people on the Acme Pet Dog House Board, the Acme Pet Rescue and Adoption Board and the Acme Pet Cat's Window Board have been very generous with their comments, help and advice. (Acme has now shut down.)  I am not a breeder, rescue person, shelter person, foster person, nor a professional in any animal related field. I am not a trainer, rescuer, or breeder, I am just a Leilah's Mom, trying to help keep animals out of rescue in the first place. Without all the help from others, this site would not exist. Thank you everybody!

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