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Finding a new home for your pet

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Note to deploying Military Members:
Please see Moving and Travel for possible alternatives, including foster care.

With careful consideration, time, and work, you may be able to find a great home for your pet if you truly have no alternative.  This most often takes quite a bit of time, so give yourself as much time as possible, plan way ahead to find the best home.  There are many frauds out there too, your pet could end up dead, or worse, if you're not careful enough finding that home. The fact is there are many more pets than good homes. 

Be aware that many, if not most, rescues will not take owner surrenders directly, but contact them anyway if you cannot find a home for your pet. Let them know your situation, and where you will be taking your pet (what shelter) if they cannot take him or her at the time. They may not be happy or nice about it, they hear it all, are often lied to, and it's quite frustrating for them. Put aside your pride for the sake of your pet's life, and be honest with them. Already stretched too thin, rescues often do not have the resources to help, but you never know. Can't hurt to try. Please, do not get into a mind set that it is their responsibility to save your pet, because that is YOUR responsibility. 

The rescues and shelters cannot save them all, there's too many other people giving up pets too. No-kill shelters are also often very limited, and usually only take the most "adoptable" animals if they are taking any at all. There is the real possibility, often quite high, that not keeping your pet will result in the pet's death, either directly at a shelter, or in not finding a good enough permanent home. Don't fool yourself. 

PLEASE do not just turn your pet loose "out in the country". This is one of the cruelest fates any domestic pet could meet. The fear, abuse, and suffering they will encounter is heartbreaking if they even manage to survive at all. A quick death at a vet's is a much more preferable end. 

Do not become a serial pet dumper!