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In Memory of our friend, Tim Yandle, the Spartan
The Heart of Heartprints

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This is some Spartan guy named Leonidas, looks like he smells a pizza over there

Today as I sat in my car, watching the rain pour down, I think of you Spar, I think of the rain as all the tears I have cried, and I see you as the wipers, and remember how you always wiped my tears away. I think of what would happen if those wipers quit, and I say out loud, "I'd never see things quite the same" This reminds me of you, Since your gone, I'll never see things the same again. You won't be here to wipe away my tears, to make me smile, and make me laugh. You always had time to listen to me, and give the best advice.

 Tim you had a wonderful gift of always knowing when to say the right things, and saying them at the right time. It still amazes me how you could know I was upset just by how I wrote "hi" You were always "hanging in" and said "I fine" I miss those things, I miss being sent to the "corner", where I spent most of my time! I miss you Tim, I'll always miss you I will also always be grateful that I got to know you and I cherish everyday that I spent with you, It was my honor and privelidge to call you a friend.

Love Always,
Tiffy (Kel)

Hey Spar!!!

Tim, you have been such a good friend for all of us, with the broadest shoulders in the world. We are trying to help Carol, your own Queen Helen of legend, as best we can too. I think I can safely speak for others on HP when I say our thoughts and prayers are with her and your family, and our hears are breaking with theirs.

I want to thank you for the time you did have with us, you made such a dent in all the suffering and grief in this world. You made us all laugh a lot too, even when we thought we might not again. You're now with Ted, Nick, Katie, and Greg, and all the rest. Please take care of them and let them take care of you. You have no idea how much we miss you. We all love you!

 -Leilah's Mom aka LM

 Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there.
I do not sleep.

 I am a thousand winds that swiftly blow.
I am the diamond glint on newly fallen snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the soft and gentle autumn rain.

When you wake from sleep in the early morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft, starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there.
I do not sleep.


 You left much too soon..where do I go now when I need to talk? made me laugh when I was hurting so much...a gift, my friend, that not many posses..say "Hi" to Jay for me...I know he will be happy to see you...and I am so very sad to lose you! Thank you for being there for me....I will never forget you!!!!



 Whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on


 Whenever you needed a helping hand or boost


 Whenever you needed a good kick in the butt, to get you on the right track


 Whenever you needed a scrapgoat to pick on


 Whenever you needed a good laugh or cry to keep your sanity


 Whevever you needed anything to get to get you through the day


 Whenever you just needed someone, anyone to talk to


 Whenever you needed anything, anything at all, no matter how large or small


 SPAR was always there for others, no matter who they might be, no matter how large or small the problem or grief might be


 Good bye my friend, I shall always miss you as you have left HeartPrints with me, as well as with many others.

 BJ aka Eagle

A poem For Spar.......

 Every day that passes I miss you more & more.
Nothing is the same without You here in our lives.
An emptyness fills deep inside of us all,
knowing that you are not here to share our jokes & laughs.
Every thing has changed with out kind words always following near.

 How will we ever repay you for your kindness?
A simple thank you & knowing that you are always in our heart & souls will have to do.
You changed everyones lives with you kind words and advice.
Thank You Spar For every thing you have done for everyone & your kind words of advice.


Ode to Tim (Spartan):
Chat Host-Compassionate Friends Grief Support

He was a loyal soldier
Proud Spartan, virtuous king
Friend, brother, father, soldier, man
The hero-angel now has wings.

Quietly at attention he stood
Ever available to defend friend
Through pain, tears, fears, death
His self-appointed duty to attend.

Our hope falters and faints
He battled to restore our strength
Grief, rage, helplessness, doubt
Forced to insanity's brink.

Disciplined Spartan
Vigilant in friendship, goodness of heart
Obstinate, brave, tough, ever strong
Earthly separation, spirits never apart.

Songs of war are silenced
Battle finished, completed the test
Soldier-retire to your mansion
Songs for heaven, time for you to rest.

                     Dena Covington


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