Cheyennemama's Rescue Dog: 
A Most Amazing Rescue ....

Ghost was brought to my vets by this nasty drug/drunk guy who said the dog was sick and need care. He said he would come back...He never did, so Ghost was now the property of Dr. Gibson and staff. He was so sick and couldn't stand up and full of fleas & worms. He could hardly keep food down. He was on death door step. The staff at the clinic and I work to get him to eat..alittle by little he keep food down..but still need to be kept at the vets in a warn kennel and kept still.

His eyes were sunk into his head..he was about 50 lbs under weight. Dr. Gibson did not think he would live...but we thought different. We watched him 24 hours aday till he started putting on weight. The pictures you see were 4 weeks after we got him...He looked so much better in these pix's. For all the abuse he had been threw he was the sweetest dog I ever saw. So gentle and so happy for any attention.

We ran a ad in the paper to adopt him...and after a week or so we got a call from a woman in Indiana. She said that the dog sounds like the one that was stolen from her and could she come and look. Her dog was taken 2 years ago. She came to the clinic...they brought Ghost out and the dog went crazy...This was her dog that was stolen...He cryed and jumped on her like there was no tommorrow. This was her dog...We all cryed and rejoiced in the fact that they were together again.

She said her X-husband took the dog and she never found him again.... I have forgotten at this time what his real name was...but no matter...this was one of the best rescues we have ever done....

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