Cheyennemama's Foster Puppies
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Oh what a sad day
Five pups, tossed away
Without a thought
Without a care
What cowards they be
Full of cruelty
Now worry, now fear
Prayers needed here
The pups, so ill
Pill after pill
Cheyennemama keeps trying
Keeps loving, keeps striving 
A stroke of luck
Twas Cheyennemama's truck
She took them in
To heart and home
Raising these pups
As though her own 
We await a brighter day
The pups, well on their way
Happy and healthy
Homes of their own
Thanks to the one
Who nourished them with love 
One pup stays apart
Afraid from the start
Gentleness, caring
Beginnings of trust
A new home, a new chance
Codes waits for Hope 
Copyright©1998 Furfeather
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Hope's Growing up

The puppies all survived and did find homes of their very own. Hope went to a friend of Cheyennemama and mine : Codes. Hope has really blossomed due to the love she found first with Cheyennemama and now with Codes. Here's a picture of Hope with her very special bunny friend and two taken once her ears went up!


All Grown up - Hope with her Nard buddies

Hope's new home includes 3 Saint Bernards. They make quite a sight when out and about together!

Duchess comes back

The home Duchess found did not work out. She came back to Cheyennemama on Oct 14, 1998 at the age of 11 months. Sadly, it is suspected that Duchess was beaten while she was there. She will know only love with Cheyennemama and her trust will hopefully be rebuilt. Let's all hope that Duchess finds a wonderful home next time around!!


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