Blackie and the Letter

I was called by the Dark County Animal Shelter in Greenville Ohio about a very old senior Cocker that was dumped there. I was told she was 15 yrs old, and the owner died and the family didn't want the dog around.  I struggled with the thought of this poor old dog who had been someone faithful pet all these years, to only be in a shelter. I thought about it all night and told myself even though I knew I have been feeling bad and that I have backed off from rescue due to my health I had to go get this girl and give her a resting place for her last fews months to yrs. 

I looked at her in the cage and walked out with her NOW. She was a small well groomed black Cocker that had very little eye sight left due to cataracts, but the tail was wagging. She had all her tags still on her and so I called the vet in another town to tell them I had her. They were in tears as they told me the story of the wonderful lady who loved this dog with all her heart and gave her the best care any Cocker could get. 

She lack NO vet care and was UTD on everything...except now this dog has a broken heart due to her long time owner as died. The vets office went as far as to tell me that "Kathleen" who owned her died of a heart cath being done on her. I was moved and I knew I would keep her here safe unless I found a special home for her, BUT at her age who would want an old dog. We did find out her DOB..which is 12/01/88 so that brought her age down
to 13 but still, 13 is old for a cocker to be adopted out. So I write this letter to Kathleen in Heaven:

Dear Kathleen,
 I am so sorry that you had to depart this earth without knowing what would happen to your baby and that your family would care so little for your dog to do nothing more than dump her in a 3 day kill shelter. I went and got your little baby today and she is safe and sound and will want for nothing as long as she is here. If a home comes along that would be good for her I will make sure it is the best that can be, but for now she will be loved on and cared for. Please feel free to rest your soul and go to where you need to as Blackie is fine and will never want for anything...

Bless you on your journey.... 


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