16 Dogs - At Once!!!

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November 02, 1999 at 15:49:25:

I am sitting here with my jaw on the floor.. I just can't believe this. A man up in Greenville Ohio surrendered all his dogs due to health problems. He had gangrene of the leg and thought he was going to lose his leg..but didn't and then developed CHF..and can no longer care for the dogs. All the dogs have been vet checked out and are in good health.  Most are pekes mixed with dachshund
cocker mixes
Toy Terriers
Possible King Charles Spaniels
and a few others...
I hope to go up tomorrow and look the crew over..and see what they have and what I can pull out.  They all will be PTS Friday if they can't get into homes!!
I knew it was too good to be true to adopt out my last dog.....there is always more that need a home.. I will let all of you know what I get tomorrow!!!!

November 03, 1999 at 20:10:00:

This is the first time I have sat down..to even think about what all I have done today..it seems I just did it...

Sitting on the edge of my bed this morning at 4:30AM..I ask God to see me through this day as I had no idea what I would run into. I headed out to the vets very early to pick up some heparin & syringes so I could do the heartworm test on the dogs I wanted to pull out. I was going to do just the snap test..to see if there were any antigens showing. I left to go pick-up a
few kennels from a friend who didn't need them anymore...and headed out for my 10:30AM appt. Which was a hours drive to meet Kim, Jenny, and Debra who all do rescue. I called them and ask them to meet me there to help.

I was the first to arrive and Jeff (the dog warden) ask me if I wanted to go look at the dogs..and so I walked through the tiny walkway that had big dogs on either side and through a door to see dogs all over the place..all little to medium dogs,  barking like crazy...Some huddling in the back of a cage shaking.

I thought to myself..MY GOD..this man (86 yrs old) had all these dogs.

I looked around and started to count.....
6 Weimaraner cross puppies (maybe with a Boxer) 6 weeks old
2 white Pekes
1 Black Peke
2 Dobie cross pups 6 mos old
1 Brown Peke/doxie
1 Black Peke/doxie
1 Black Cocker/Peke
1 Buff Cocker/Peke
1 AKC reg. JRT..6 mos.
1 Multi color Cocker/Peke
2 Min. Poodles 1 gray 1 reddish
1 buff Cocker/doxie
None of these animals were over 4 years of age. I thought God how do I choose??
While I was worrying about who lives and who dies...there was help coming over the internet. Peke rescue called and I got another call from a newbie rescue person wanting to help. I was tying up the shelters phone..LOL!!!!

The rescue folks said if I would pull the dogs they would get them.....and I thought ohhhh my..how will I do this..but somehow the head trainer and his faithful guided me through all this. There wasn't a inch to spare in my Blazer and Jenny was nice enough to follow me home with her car filled with dogs....I pulled all of them out!! I kept telling myself I have to be crazy to do this, and what would Barry think?  So I started one by one doing the heartworm test on theses dogs..and through God's Grace only one dog was positive...and the people at Peke rescue said they would treat her anyway. I got home and I know my neighbors must have thought I had gone crazy..with all these dog running in my yard....I mean there were dogs everywhere.

Tami came an hour later to take some of the dogs into her rescue....she is a newbie but has the heart and spirit to do this....She has the time to care for the puppies and she took 8 dogs into her rescue. I had one person who went to the shelter to see the poodles..came all the way down to my home to adopt the gray poodle.  Peke rescue will help with a lot of the others...and I still am getting another dog late this evening and another one Fri.

I still can't believe I did this..but you know what I feel good as h@ll for what I did..I cleared all the dogs out that the poor old man had to give up...I hope I can let him know that I saved his dogs....

The pix's will be scanned in a day or so by Kim and I will get them posted....
Thanks to all who said Acme prayers for me and the fur kids I saved today....as they were to die on Fri.

November 04, 1999 at 19:22:14:

Today has been a bummer for me... I am kinda out commission.... I got hurt yesterday doing all the lifting and hauling (knowing I shouldn't..I have already had 3 spinal surgeries). Long story made short, I am having trouble moving and am in lots of pain..I went to the doctors and they think I might have ruptured another disc in my back..I have no nerve response in my left leg..I go for a Cat Scan in the morning. So please just keep me in your prayers in this..I am scared and I can't see going through a 4th surgery.

I have had some good luck with the other rescue people in their help. JRT folks came this afternoon and took the JRT..and fell in love with him and said there would be NO problem in getting him a home. The gray poodle will be picked up tommorrow night..by a new adoptee. The 4 Pekes will be pick-up next week..and that leaves me with a apricot poodle, the sheltie mix..who is cute as a button...and a Peke/cocker...who is very small..and cute as well.

I have to call Kim the other rescue person and see if the 1 yr old NARD [Editor's note: this is Acmespeak for a Saint Bernard] got pulled..if not I can't let him be put to sleep... I may try to pull the Weim cross mama and save her too....I also got a buff cocker late last night who now has Kennel cough...so I had the vet call in meds for this dog. Darn I haven't had kennel cough in years..I mean at least 15 years..I never had it here..I am a little afraid for the other dogs..I keep the cocker away from all of them.

I will have to get help as I am on pain meds and muscle relaxers( I sure as heck can't drive..) till we find out what I did..

Sorry to WHINE..I just needed to feel sorry for myself for a few minutes and I will get back to my norm!! ...Thanks for listening..and keep these puppers in your prayers

Cathy & all the doggies

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