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Pet Lost and Found Information
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Finding Lost and Stolen Pets
Lots of links and great info, you MUST check this out if you're looking for your pet!
Pet Action League - How to Find A Lost Cat or Dog

Flealess Market's Lost Pets International

Furkids Lost and Found Pets Board

American Humane Association Tips

How to Find your Missing Pet

How to Find A Lost Pet

What to do When You Have Lost a Pet

Saving Pet's Lives - *

The Internet Lost and Found

Safeguarding Pets - USDA info

Lost and Found Pets

Do you suspect your pet was stolen? 

Inspice Lost and Found

Finding a Lost Pet

Lost Dogs Database *

Dog Find 


What To Do When You Find a Stray Dog or Cat

What to do When You Find a Pet 

Petznjam - Place for Pets in a jam.

Lost and Stolen Pets Resources

National Pet Recovery

Metro Pet Tracker *
Los Angeles

Tips for Dealing with a Lost or Found Dog *

Texas Stolen Horse Alerts

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