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National Dog Registry
tatoo registration

Dog Bulletin Boards

Photographing Black Dogs *

Pet Photography 101

Microchip Study

Infopet chip in Los Angeles

Wolfdog Resource

What does the Bible say about Animal Abuse? 

PETA's Companies That Test On Animals List

Dog Sweater Pattern - knit

Dog Sweater Pattern  - crochet

Knitting Patterns for Dogs

Greyhound Manor Crafts
Al sorts of do-it-yourself patterns

Info on licenced USDA breeders and brokers

USDA Compliance Inspection Info

Links to Dog Park Info

Freeplay *
in support of dog parks in Los Angeles

Ramsey County's Off Leash Dog Areas

On the Issue of Dog Parks

Animal Control Officer, Not Dog Catcher - Please! 
(link is at bottom, opens in a java window)

Trust, a Deadly Disease

Farokh's Dog Story Page

Rare Breed Network

Second that Emotion

A World of Herding Dogs

Is That Dog Laughing?

Rattle Snake Avoidance Training

Pets Disturbing Your Sleep?

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Dog Sports
Discovering Competitive Obedience

Obedience Trials

West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club

Lomita Obedience Training Club


Dog Obedience Link Central

AMBOR'S Hot Links

Obedience Page - Competitive Obedience

Canine Activities: Obedience Trials *

Raising a Puppy to Enjoy Obedience

UKC Obedience Yahoo Group

AKC - Getting Started In Obedience

AKC Obedience Rules 

AKC - Rally Obedience

Common Handler Errors in Obedience Trials *

Rally Obedience

The Tracking Page


Dog-Play - Fun with Your Dog

Introduction to Dog Agility

North American Dog Agility Council

United States Dog Agility Association

American Kennel Club Performance Sports

Activity Links

Belgian Games

Competitive Activities with Dogs

ATTS Temperament Test

California Canine Hikers

Conformation Ring Judging Procedure
Good Diagram

Herding and Livestock Guardian Dogs Links *

AKC ILP Registration

Competing with an All American (mutt)

About Show Dogs and Dog Shows

Conformation and more

Glossary of Herding Terms

Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows

Conquering Ring Nerves

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Kennel Clubs
About Kennel Clubs and Dog Registries

Dog Registries and Puppy Mills

American KC Homepage

AKC Event Calendar

AKC Recognized Breeds

AMBOR Home Page

Official United KC page

Unofficial UKC Page

UKC Events

ASCA Homepage - Austrailian Shepherd Club of America

The AKC Takeover of Rare Breeds

Official Canadian KC Page

NAMBR - North American Mixed Breed Registery

ARBA - American Rare Breeds Assoc

FCI Info - Federation Cynologique Internationale 

The Kennel Club UK

Japan Kennel Club

National Dog Registery
(tattoo registration - not a kennel club, but it sounds like one)

Dog Breed Clubs

The Westminster Kennel Club

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Shopping For Your Dog
Dog & Catalogs

aka Direct Book Service

Dog Publications

World Wide Woof Dog Bookstore

Working Dogs Bookstore

Dog Lover's Bookshop

Dr.s Foster and Smith

J and J Dog Supplies

J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies

SitStayGoOut Store
Clicker supplies

Coastal Pet Products
Excellent selection of collars

Veterinarian's Best

Country Side Pet Supply

Omaha Vaccine

Cherrybrook Pet Supplies

Ray Allen Professional K-9 Equipment
Shutzhund equipment

Picture Quilts

Doggie Delites
Dog Costumes

Karen Pryor Clicker Gear Store


PawSense - Catproof Your Computer

Pet Shopping Directory

QT Dog

Valley Vet Supply
Good for Horse Stuff Too

Pet Expo

Max 200
Agility and Flyball

Gun Dog Supply

Virtual Free Pet Stuff *

Puttin' On The Dog *

The Little Dog Laughed

Golden Wonders Jewelry

Peggy's Custom Charted Designs

Sun Precautions
For sun-sensitive humans


Open Directory - Dogs
Backpacks, Life Vests....

Boomerang Pet ID Tags
They can engrave the back too

Becca's Workshop
Stuffed dogs many breeds


Pet Extras

Canine Auto Restraint Equipment

Pet Market Vehicle Barriers

Cool Pet Stuff

A Cast of Characters

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Friend's Sites
Furfeather's Robin's Nest
Mystic Pup
Extra Special Thanks to Robin for being one of my first internet friends, for helping me out when I was brand new to the internet, and for helping inspire this humor site.
Canine Lymphoma 

The Sunshine Band

Sit Stay's Homepage 

Lisa and Blackjack's Deck of Love

Codes' Homepage *

Orion Kuvasz

Country Ranch

Welcome 2 K-9's Corner - Doc Sandi *

Saint Louis Stray Rescue

Jan's Shetland Sheepdog Page

Bravehart Weimeraners

Baycrest Akitas

Shofar Shepherds and Shelties

Queenscourt Pomeranians *

Howling Hill Farm

Jan M's Homepage

Super Shelties 

Ken and Sue's page

Dog Lady Barks

Leila, Jake, and Brooke

Golden Treasures

Meanwhile, Back at the Farm

Ro-Ki Reds Kennel


Shalako Dobermans

Sam's Page

Cosmo, Zoe, and Patton's Place

Furry Defender and Collie Rescue

Brindle's Pets

CJ's Corner *

Ann's Jindo Dog Site

Curly Tails and Butterfly Wings

Bravewolf's Den

Imagine Labradors

Pukah's Park


Not Dog Related:

Sunrise Birthing Center

Stellux Elaboratore

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Legal Beagle Info
K9s and the Law *

NYC Pet Lawyer and Laws

New Jersey Dog Bite Laws

Rutgers Univrsity School of Law Animal Rights Law Center

How to Respond to a Dog Bite Incident in Your Community

Dog Bite Law Home Page

Dog Bite Liability - General Principles *

Dog Bite Liability

NCIPC Bibliography of Articles on Dog Bites

Dog Talk - Dog Law

Providing for Your Pet's Future Without You

Planning for Your Dog

Animal Abuse - Misdemeanor or Felony?


ASPCA Advocacy Center

California Federation of Dog Clubs *
Lots of legislative info

AKC Legislation Policy Statements

Los Angeles Municipal Code

Loony Laws About Animals

Dogs and the Law

Civil Liability and Dogs

Can dogs get a fair shake in court?

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Resources for Building Dog Sites
The Doghause
Be sure to look at the style section

Small Paws Rescue's Free Graphics
Only costs a link back to them

Fuzzy Face's Free Doggy Graphics

K9s Rule Graphics Page *

Web Guide at Workingdog Web

WV Humane.Com Graphics

Dog Clip Art Links

Animal Art *

Animal Hut Graphics

Animal Clip Art and Images Links

Dog Art and Graphics

Graphics Links

Wav List - Animal Sounds

Not so doggy sites about page building:

Lisaviolet's Basic HTML Page

Clip Art Links

HTML Made Easy

HTML Goodies

Webcraft 101

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