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Health Links

(incl. skunk spray)
Immune System
Dog Food Companies
Genetics and Orthopedics
Illness and Disease
Pet Loss

Other Links
Behavior and Training
Special Dogs
(Dogs who need or give assistance)
General Information and Links
General Kennel Club Info
Kennel Clubs
Dog Sports
Shopping for your Dog
Leilah’s Friends’ Homepages
Legal Beagle 
Resources for 
Building Dog Sites

Recognizing Animal Emergencies

Animal CPR Instructions

Breathing - Artificial Respiration


Emergency Dog Links


First Aid for Bloat

Canine Bloat

Accupressure Bloat Points

Signs of Canine Illness

Temperature of a Healthy Dog

Taking Temperatures

How to Take the Pulse of a Dog

Holiday Dangers

Disasters and Preparedness

Cotton Ball Recipe
For ingestion of glass (such as xmas ornaments), but call your vet too!

Poisonous Plants (1)

Poisonous Plants (2)

Plants Toxic to Animals Database

Toxic Plants

Anaphylaxis in dogs - Severe Acute Allergic Reactions


AVMA Pet Poison Guide

Animal Poison Control Center
There is a charge for this service


Mushroom Dangers


Fungi of California

Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs

 Notes on Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs

Theobromine (Chocolate)
Amounts in Hershey's Chocolates

Chocolate and Caffeine

Grape and Raisin Poisoning in Dogs

Human Foods that Poison Pets
Incl Onions and Macadamia Nuts

Household Poisons

When Good Dogs Eat Bad Things

Poisonous and Dangerous Species Guide

EPA Pesticide Poisoning Handbook

Africanized Bees

Africanized Bees in California

Brown Recluse Spider

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Health - Resources
Merck Veterinary Manual Online

NetVet Veterinary Resources

Veterinary and Pet Hot list

VetInfo - Veterinary Medical Information

Vet Info Dog Index

Dog Logic Health Issues

Health and Medical Links

Dr.s Foster and Smith Pet Information Center

Pet Health News

Net Pet Magazine

AKC Canine Health Foundation Links

Western College of Veterinary Medicine Links

Canine Health Links

The Pet Web Library

Center for the Human-Animal Bond

Samoyed Health Links

Dog Health

PubMed - National Library of Medicine

Canine Care Group
Holistic Info

Cornell University Consultant

Dr. Roen's Columns

Health Issues and Poodles
Info that applies to all dogs

Pet Health Problems
(From the Can We Help You Keep Your Dog site)

Complimentary and Alternative Vet Medicine

Natural Rearing

JAVMA News Index
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

AVHMA Online
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Online Medical Dictionary

DVM Magazine

Veterinary Reference Library

HomeVet Bulletin Board

Pet Care Forum

Bristol Bio-Medical Image Archive

Animal Pet Doctor

Pet Vet Cafe Resource Center

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Health - Miscellaneous
Medications for Dogs

Animal Pharmacy Center

Online Reference of Veterinary Drugs

Household Medications for Dogs
See link below for warning on Kaopectate

Veterinarian's Pet Peeves

Animal Disaster Preparedness and Rescue Info

Pets and Hurricaines

Emergency Preparation for your Pets

Emergency Animal Rescue Service Program

What to put in your Canine First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit (1)

First Aid Kit (2)

Choosing a Vet

Vet Tracker


Acepromazine Warning for Boxers

Anesthesia in Toy Dogs


Kaopectate Warning

FDA Consumer Education
Info on generic equivalents and OTC drugs

Trimming Toenails

How to Dremel a Dog's Nails

Grooming Feet

Dew Claws

Aging Pets


Senior Dogs

Geriatric Care

Geriatrics in Canines

Care of the Older Dog

Preventive Care: Enjoying Those Golden Years


Skunk Remedies

Deodorizing Skunk Spray

How to Read Lab Tests

Lab Tests Online

Antech Diagnostics

Administering Medications

Dental Care for Pets

Things to do with your recuperating dog

Linda Tellington-Jones - TTouch

Dog Owner's Guide - Tellington Touch

Dictionary of Dog Body Terms *

Cold Tail, Dead Tail, Limber Tail

Give Your Dog a Quick Checkup *

Summer Heat and Pests

Protecting Your Pets during Winter and Holiday Season

Emegency Notification Form for Dogs *
.pdf file

Dog Owner's Guide to California Foxtails


Dog Safety and Hazards

Snake Proofing

The Anal Sacs Page
Flash plug in needed

Lick Proof Sunscreen (UK)

Hawaiian Quarantine Changes 

Soft Elizabethan Collar

American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Nutrition and Complimentary Health Care Links

Homeopathe International 
Materia medica

Warnings for Chinese Patent Medicines

Fungal Diseases

Can You Diagnose Eye Diseases From A Photograph?

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Health - Vaccinations
ABC News: Are We Overvaccinating our Pets?

Are we Vaccinating too much?

Dr Jean Dodd on The Immune System and Disease Resistance


Vaccine Protocol - Colorado State University (1) 

Vaccination Info

Antech on Antibody Titers

Titer Assessment *

Vaccinations and Nosodes

Leptospirosis Vaccination Not Recommended for Puppies

Adverse Reaction to Routine Vaccinations

Designing Safe Vaccine Programs

The Truth About Vaccines

Building Healthy Canine Companions

Vaccination Guidelines

Warning about Fort Dodge Vaccines

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Health - Feeding
Dog Food Ingredients

Dog Food Comparisons

Kibble Ingredients

Sample Home Made Diets

Leilah's and Copper's Homemade Diets

Beaglemama's Diet and Nutrition Site

Canine Nutrition

10 Secrets Pet Food Companies don't want you to know

Herbs, Supplements and Nutriceuticals

Dietary Supplements and Animals

Grains in Pet Foods

WDJ's Top 10 Dry Dog Foods, 2002

The Great Dog Food Debate

SImply Schnauzer's Nutrition Menu

Nutrition and Complimentary Health Care Links

API Companion Animals Page

Is Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat Safe?

FDA Safety Guidance on the Use of Raw Meat for Pet Diets

Puppy or Adult Food, When to Change?

Selecting a Commercial Dog Food (1)

Selecting a Commerical Dog Food (2)

How To Buy Dog Food

Comparing Commercial Foods
the method I used to choose a new kibble for Leilah

The Foods Pets Die For

Are Pets in Pet Food?

AltVetMed's List of Premium (Natural) Pet Foods *

List of Preservative Free Pet Foods *

BARF for Beginners
Raw Feeding

BARF Diet Page

Switching to Raw

Illnesses and Injuries Associated With the Use of Selected Dietary Supplements

Satin Balls
For underweight or undernourished dogs


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Health - Dog Food Companies

Old Mother Hubbard
Wellness, Neura


PHD Diet

Nutro Natural Choice, Nutro Max

Heinz Pets *
Nature's Recipe, IVD prescription diets, Kibbles N' Bits, Skippy

Pro Pac Premium Pet Foods
Has a low protein kibble

Wysong, Synorgon, Anergen, Tundra Diets, Wysong Vegan

Pedigree, Little Cesar

Ralston Purina
Dog and Puppy Chow, Pro Plan, One, Beneful, Fit N' Trim, Hi Pro, Kibbles N' Chunks

Iams, Eukanuba

Changes to Eukanuba Adult Maintenance
and Iams company response. Why you should save those labels.

P&G's Iams unit faces lawsuit over nutrition

Changes in Nutro
Save those labels!

Hill's Science Diet

Innova, California Natural, Healthwise

More Pet Food Company Listings

Pet Food Direct
One more place to look up kibbles

Ultimately....The Dog Food Rollercoaster *

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Health - Genetics and Orthopedics
Guide to Hereditary and Congenital Diseases in Dogs

Poodle Health and Genetics
Useful for other breeds too

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

CERF Home Page (eye testing)

BAER Testing for Deafness

Medial and Lateral Patellar Luxation

Luxating Patella in Dogs

Patellar Luxation

Canine Inherited Disorders Database

Genetics Articles

Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Resources *

Animal Genetics

Merle Genetics

Canine Color Genetics

Blue Color Genetics - Color Dilution Alopecia

Inheritance of Color in Australian Shepherds

Canine Health and Genetics Articles

Silver Labs

The Canine Diversity Project

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Health - Disease and Illness
Rabies - What you need to know

Canine Diseases and Conditions A-Z

Heartworm Info

Heartworm Disease

The American Heartworm Society

Heartworm in Los Angeles?


Distemper and Parvo
Adults can get these too!


Canine Hypothyroidism: An Overview

Inherited Eye Diseases in Aussies

Kidney Disease in Dogs

Management of Bichons with Urinary Stones

Robin's Canine Cancer Files

Canine's in Crisis - Cancer

Leilah's Melanoma Page

Leilah's Mast Cell Page

Diseases Aquired from Dogs (caught by people)

Lyme Disease Network
For people, but dogs get this too

The Veterinary Ophthalmology Information Centre


Pet Loss
When is it Time?

The Rainbow Bridge

Dog Heaven, a Children's Story

Dog Heaven

Lightening Strike Pet Loss Support

How to Deal with the Death of Your Pet

More Pet loss links from Robin's Cancerfiles

AVMA Pet Loss Page

Pawspice - Pet Hospice

Urns for Pets Links

VetCentric - Starting Over

Pet Loss Poems

The Over the Rainbow Pet Memorial Park *

A Meeting at the Bridge

Matters of the Heart *

Dog Lady's Pet Loss Pages

Cornell University Pet Loss Support Hotline

Kansas State University Pet Loss Counseling

Pet Loss and Grief Support Links

A Puddle of Dogged Reflection

Pets can grieve over a loss too

Losing a Pet

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Many Links have been moved to:
Behavioral Problems - Dogs
(Part of Can We Help?)
Manners for a Modern Dog

Prong Collars

Training with a Prong Collar


Training Commands in Several Languages

Shake Cans and Squirt Guns

Suzanne Clothier Articles

Training and Behavior Links

Dog Fancy Columns from "On Good Behavior"

Advanced Training Links

Clicker Training for Dogs

Clicker Solutions Training Articles

The Well Mannered Dog

The Well Mannered Dog - Advanced Stuff

The Problem with Head Halters

Family Dog Center Training Articles

Dog Tricks

Games to Improve your Dog's Manners
(scroll down)

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Special Dogs
(Yes, I know YOUR dog is special too!)
Welcome to Holland

Blind Dog and Canine Vision Resources

Owners of Blind Dogs

Living with Blind Dogs
Book highly recommended for owners of blind dogs

Dealing with a Blind Dog

Dr. P's Deaf and Blind Dog Links

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Training a Deaf Dog

Deafness in Dogs and Cats

Deaf Dogs - Special in Many Ways

Vibratel - Vibrating collar for deaf dogs, email: or
Sorry, I don't know which one is current

 Making your own vibrating collar

List of Vibrating Collars

Deaf Dog Resources

Dogs with Disabilities

Two Paws - Disabled Pets

Sabaka Sling - Do It Yourself Mobility for Disabled Dogs

K9 Carts - Pet Mobility Aids

Doggon Wheels Carts

Eddie's Wheels 

List of Dog Carts (wheelchairs)

Able Dogs Yahoo Group

Sheba the Quad Dog

3 Legged Dog Club

Shy Dog Links Page

Assistance Dogs International

Delta Society - Therapy Dogs

Top Dog Home Page 
Teaching you own dog to be your assistance dog

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs of America

Seeing Eye Dogs

Loving Paws - Service Dogs for Kids

Canine Companions for Independance

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General Information and Links
All About Dogs

Anjie's Dog Pages

American Dog Trainer's Network

Animal News *

Articles on Health, Training, Buying a Golden Retriever Puppy and More
Great info for all breeds

Caring for your Best Friend *

Cindy Tittle Moore - Dog Related Web Sites *

Denver Dumb Friend's League

Digital Dog

Directory of Dog Websites

Dog Care Links

Dog Connections *

Dogs FAQ

Dog Info links

Dog Links

Dog Logic

Dog Lover's Links

Dog Marks


Dotters - Dalmatian Links Plus (You gotta listen to this music!)

Dog Owner's Guide

Electronic Zoo/NetVet

Francis's DogHouse

General Dog Links *

Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace

Gone To The Dogs


Hoflin's Dogs Online

Nerdworld Dog Links

Net Pet Magazine

Pet Information *

The Poop

Prof Hunt's Dog Page

Rec.Pets.Dogs FAQ Homepage *

The Sunshine Band

Tailwaggers Dog Sites

Wellpet Links

Whisper's links

Worldwide Web of Dogs

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