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* notes sites not working at the last update, and I hope they return.

Doggie Pubs


Custom Spinning of Dog Hair

The Virtual Dog Show

The Intelligence Of Dogs - Obedience Intelligence Ratings By Breed

William Wegman

Index of Famous Dogs

Litter Box Train your Dog

Jeff Leedy's Collection

Chainsaw Canine Art Animal Galleries

Dog IQ Test

Canine 9/11 SAR Tribute

Dog Stamps

Pet Crests (Coats of Arms)

A Proper Send Off
A Funeral Parlor For Your Digital Pet

Nipperscape - RCA's "Master's Voice" Mascot


Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide
I see London, I see France..literally!

Strange Foreign Objects in Dog Feces 
The ultimate in harmless revenge

Fake Dog Doo

Kitty Litter Cake 

Cat Poop Cookies

UniMutt Gallery of Motivational Artwork

An Asteroid Goes to the Dogs


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Last updated 1/20/08