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Links updated for Christmas 2004

Christmas Bawls - A Merry Barkerick Holiday Etiquette For Dogs Rude Rover
Doggie Wonderland 1 Gift Wrapping With A Puppy Santa Claws Is Coming To Town
Doggie Wonderland 2 A Christmas Tail Dog Christmas Links
CDX Carol :-) :-)
Dog Carols 1 12 Days of Puppy Christmas 1 A Canine Christmas
Doggie Carols 2 12 Days of Puppy Christmas 2 Mum, Can I have a dog for Christmas?

No, you can have turkey like everyone else!

Doggie Carols 3 Ode to Winter Rescue Barbie
Doggie Carols 4 Dog Christmas Cartoon Agility Barbie
The 12 Labs of Christmas A Rott N Christmas Greeting. Christmas Haiku
The Top 10 Holiday Songs For Pets 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Collection Osama Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Flash animation
Doggie Holidays Poem from the Dog Yorkie's Jingle Bells lyrics
A Christmas Story. Cat's Favorite Christmas Songs More Canine Christmas Fun
Markin' Around the Christmas Tree Pointer + Setter = Poinsetter, a traditional Christmas pet Christmas Wishes for Dog Owners
What NOT to get your dog for Christmas  Dear Santa 1 Starship Schnauzers Save Santa
Angus and Phil Dear Santa 2 A Dog's Christmas Promises
 Q: What is the difference between Father Christmas and a warm dog?

A: Father Christmas wears a whole suit, a dog just pants!

Bad Christmas Stories
This is their search engine - just put Christmas in the "title" slot and hit fetch....
Kitty Christmas Tree Decorating 101
12 Days of Catsmas
Scroll Down
Christmas Dog Pepper
A very touching story
12 Days of Christmas - Cat Rendition Let It Snow  A really good Christmas humor site
New Year's Resolutions Of Our Favorite Breeds A Dog's New Year's Resolutions Another dog's New Year's Resolutions
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