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Animal Disaster Preparedness and Rescue Info
Hurricane Pet Links
Includes Evacuation info

Emergency Preparation for your pets *

Pet Disaster Plan

Prepare for Disaster

Disaster Preparedness for Fido

What to put in your canine first aid kit

Emergency Animal Rescue Service Program (EARS)

American Red Cross - Pets and Disasters
CPR and First Aid classes for use on pets

AMA Disaster Info

AVMA/VMAT Disaster Relief and Response Guide

AVMA Disaster Links

Animals In Disaster - Lost and Found Livestock and Pets
Lots of links

FEMA: Animals and Emergencies

FEMA: DIsaster Planning Tips for Pets, Livestock and Wildlife

FEMA Search Engine
Put in the word: Pets

ASPCA - Preparing for Disasters

Traveling with your Pet info - finding hotels
if you need to evacuate

FEMA Storm Watch/HSUS Tips

Helping (PETA) - Animals in Emergencies

Pushing pet-smart preparedness *

Leilah's Laughs Lost and Found Links

Not Pet Specific:

Disaster News Network

DNN Links
Resources, weather, and disaster links


Terrapin Associates Weather Links

Weather Channel

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