Resevoir Dogs

Another trip to the Dam! I think Copper's cart needs to be adjusted again, but not today. 

Oh those ducks!! He's watching Leilah start a run at the ducks on the bank, he's turning to follow her....

Both dogs chased the ducks right into the water before I could stop them. But with the steep edge of the lake,  I'm not sure how deliberate it really was, both seemed to be really shocked that they ended up in the water. Leilah was out in an instant and I was about to dive in after Copper. But once I realized he wasn't going to sink, I took the following photo in the few seconds it took for Copper swam back to the water's edge (since the camera was already in my hand). He had hit the water with enough speed to surf about 6 feet out and gave himself a good scare too. I'd heard that the carts float, and it was very nice to find out for sure that it was true!!! I wasn't so pleased to slip and fall on algae while fishing him out.  I'm VERY surprised the camera survived, it started working again once it stopped dripping. 

We were all soaked and I was the only one who seemed any worse for the wear. 

Lots of rest breaks for Copper who didn't want to rest much. I had left him next to the table, but both were on the look out for more ducks. Their surprise swim  wasn't enough of a scare to keep them from wanting to hunt more and threaten to run in again.Unfortunately for my bird dogs, I didn't take them back near the water's edge: 

At least Leilah knows the stay command a bit better:

Looking for trouble:


Lots of sniffing to be done:

Happy boy:


My prettys:


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