Copper's first time to really run around off leash in the cart. Leilah's been there several times, but this was the first time for Copper.

"I'm off leash? Really???"
Trying to canter might be why the cart's side bars rose so high, they're more level in all the other photos. Never underestimate a silly dog's ability to make a cart bounce around funny.

"There be DUCKS!!"

"I want a duck!"
Seems the cart isn't interfering with his big stride at all.

"Dang her!"
Until Copper was in the cart, he always ran ahead and flushed birds that Leilah was carefully stalking. He often ruined her fun. Now the tables are turned, and she gets to hunt ahead.

"Wabbits too??"
They actually ran down a rabbit. Fortunately, the rabbit will see another day and ran off without even a drop of slobber on him. Of course they had to patrol the area for more....

Tired and Happy Hunters
End of the day.

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