Copper's 14th Birthday 1/21/05 and back to the dam 1/26/05

Hmmmm, my birthday?
Yeah!! Cheapie supermarket canned dog food cake with baby food frosting. Yum!!
Gotta chase those crumbs

(Yes, Leilah got some too but it went too quick to take pictures)

Birthday boy gets pick. 
He's happy with his choice
Leilah's pretty happy too. This is her stiletto shoe pose. 
Why does this scene remind me of my niece and nephew with their game boys? 
Field trip! 
Woodsy Leilah
Can we go get into trouble now?
But mom, it's a WOMEN'S room!!
What's over here....
What's good for the goose is NOT Leilah!
She earned a leash for this one.
I think he liked accidently flipping the cart onto goose poop. Ick. 
If it weren't for these leashes....
Yeah, this place is cool
On the way home


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