Shows and Competitions:

Shows: Show us da bucks.

Show Schedules and Premium

Competitions: You'll have to do that elsewhere, but we will recognize any and all titles your dog might get. The CKCi has no problem with the actions of consenting dogs. But, if you register with us, and you go win big at Westminster or Crufts, we'd love to be able to brag about you and the high quality of CKCi registered dogs!!

Performance Dogs

For only a few bucks, you can apply for a CKCi title for your dog.  The value of a few letters in front of a dog's name on your CKCi papers cannot be underestimated, since their pups will be more in demand.  Available only with our Full Registration. You may choose your own, or let us choose one for you!

Titles Available:

      AD ( attention deficit )

      ARB ( ace refrigerator bandit )

      BD (Brat Dog)

      BDX (Brat Dog Excellent)

      BW ( butt wagger )

      BWX ( butt wagger excellent )

      CC ( cat - courser )

      CCX ( cat - courser excellent )

      CP ( couch potato )

      CPX ( couch potato excellent )

      CSX ( counter surfer extrordanaire )

      GFIY ( go fetch it yourself )

      IDDI ( I didn't do it )

      ILF ( I like food )

      ILLF ( I like lots of food )

      IWFF ( I work for food )

      LD ( lap dog )

      LDX ( lap dog excellent )

      TBF ( thick but friendly )

      TGS ( terribly good snorer )

      TGAN ( terribly good at nothing )

      TSIM ( that seat is mine )

      TTIM ( that toy is mine )

      UNCD ( under the covers dog )

      UNCDX ( under the covers dog excellent )

      WM ( who me ? )