CKCi Registration Services:

You send us bucks, we send you REAL paper hot off our REAL printer. We guarantee to have a  REAL  number on each and every registration certificate!  You can take pride in your CKCi registration, it's the REAL thing!  We don't make you jump through hoops with DNA profiles, we will take your good check word that the info you provide to us is REAL too. The breeder's name and address is featured prominantly on all registrations and certificates, to acknowledge the pride you have in registering your dogs with CKCi!!

Full Service Registration
Our Premier Service, and our most popular. After you send us bucks, you will recieve  your registration certificate, with a REAL registration number (assorted numbers available, please let us choose one for you), actually signed in REAL ink by one of our esteemed directors!  All the information you will ever need will be on this paper, inluding YOUR choice of the dog's name!  This paper is  11.5 x 8 inches, and fits in standard frames.  We will also record your money registration in our check registry database.

Express Registration
 So, your dog's knocked up? Do you know who the daddy is? Even if you don't, we can help! And, for only a few extra bucks, we can possibly send you papers before the pups are born (hurry up though, gestation is only 63 days!), and usually before the newspaper classifieds advertising deadline.  All those little fluffy  puppies look alike when little, if you hurry, you can get registrations for them as a wide variety of breeds, and even new ones if you take advantage of our New and Rare Breed Recognition Program.

Litter Registration Discount
 For a few bucks, we can supply registrations for the whole litter!  While at a discount from our Full Registration, costs may vary depending how much littering you have been doing.  You will get a REAL registration number for each dog (assorted numbers available, please let us choose one for you) on our standard 11.5 x 8 paper that fits standard frames.  It will be 100% printed on our printer, including the CEO's name, in REAL ink!

Limited Registration Discount
 Another discount service brought to you by CKCi.  You can now have bragging rights that ALL your dogs are registered, for less, and easier paper work to boot!  You will be given one registration number to cover all your dogs (assorted numbers available, please let us choose one for you).  For each dog, you will receive our standard 11.5 x 8 paper, printed in REAL ink, and includes our CEO's name. There are no exclusions with OUR limited registrations like the other kennel clubs have, you can sell these dog's pups for bucks!

Health Certificattion Program
More and more puppy buyers are asking about health certifications. If you're concerned about getting health certifications, we can provide them!  Just send us a few bucks, and you'll receive our health certificates are signed in REAL ink by our own Dr. Knapper, D.M.V. All he needs is a few bucks,  a vet receipt that a vet did see your dog once, and your own good word that your dog is not only a REAL dog, but is also a healthy dog.  At CKCi, we try to make sure all asses contingincies are covered!  For a few extra bucks, we can have them  OFA approved by our own  OFA!

New and Rare Breed Recognition Program
An exclusive service provided ONLY by CKCi !! For a few extra bucks we can look in our vast data base for breed verification.   There are hundreds upon hundreds of dog breeds world wide.  You may be the proud owner of a perfect example of a Chein de Rue and not even know it!  If you have re-created a lost breed, such as what happened with the Vizagle, we can help you achieve full breed recognition!  See the Recognized Breeds page for a list of New and Rare Breeds!

Color Breed Recognition Program
Another exclusive service provided ONLY by CKCi !!  Horse breeders know that attractive and/or rare colors and markings make for popular animals. There have been paint, palomino, and appaloosa registries for many, many years. Now, CKCi presents the same options for the productive dog breeder! Your dog can not only have a standard breed registration, but for a few extra bucks, your dog may qualify to be dual registered as a color breed! And, as with some of the horse registries, if your dog has color genes but isn't actually the proper color, you still qualify! See the Recognized Breeds page for a list of Color Breeds!