Benefits of CKCi membership

CKCi is a family run organization, owned and operated in the best interest of today's productive breeders like you.  We pride ourselves in being honest and forthright on all our services, and can give you the tools to help build your bank account kennel to it's full potential. . You can take our word on it just like we always take yours.

Just send us bucks! After we get bucks,  we send you  paper off our  printer! You now have a CKCi Registered  dog!  Marks  Puppy Buyers look for puppies from Registered dogs! You get to make more bucks now too!

We offer many services, including our dog registratons,  health certifcation,  new and rare  breed recognition. and even our newest service, the Color Breed Registration Program.   We're sure our services will serve YOU well as your become the productive breeder you always wanted to be.

You can also have pride in knowing your dog is registered with  the hottest registry around (just look at how hot our site is!), and you can pass that pride right along to your puppy buyers!.