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* notes sites that were not working at the last update.

Health Links

Always consult your vet FIRST!


Other Emergencies

(incl. skunk spray)
Immune System
Dog Food Companies
Genetics and Orthopedics
Illness and Disease
Pet Loss
Special Dogs
(Dogs who need or give assistance)

Other Links
Behavior and Training
General Information and Links
Miscellaneous Websites
Kennel Clubs, Pedigrees, and Dog Registries
Dog Sports: Obedience
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Critical Care
6 link(s)

  • Animal Poison Control Center
    Note: There is a charge for this service but it would be money very well spent!
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    Other Emergencies
    29 link(s)

  • Cotton Ball Recipe
    For ingestion of glass (such as xmas ornaments), but call your vet too!
  • Human Foods that Poison Pets
    Incl Onions and Macadamia Nuts
  • Plants Toxic to Animals Database
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Poisonous Plants
    Cornell searchable database
  • Theobromine (Chocolate)
    Amounts in Hershey's Chocolates
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    Health: Resources
    31 link(s)

  • AVHMA Online
    American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
  • Canine Care Group
    Holistic Info
  • Health Issues and Poodles
    Info that applies to all dogs
  • JAVMA News Index
    Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Pet Health Problems
    (From the Can We Help You Keep Your Dog site)
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    Health: Miscellaneous
    37 link(s)

  • FDA Consumer Education
    Info on generic equivalents and OTC drugs

  • Materia medica
  • How to Dremel a Dog's Nails
    See left sidebar
  • The Anal Sacs Page
    Flash plug in needed
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    Health: Geriatrics
    6 link(s)

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    Health: Drugs
    Always consult your vet FIRST!
    10 link(s)

  • Household Medications for Dogs
    See link below for warning on Kaopectate's new formulation.]
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    Health: Vaccines
    13 link(s)

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    Health: Feeding
    24 link(s)

  • BARF for Beginners
    Raw Feeding
  • Comparing Commercial Foods
    the method I used to choose a new kibble for Leilah
  • Satin Balls
    For underweight or undernourished dogs
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    Health: Dog Food Companies
    15 link(s)

  • Changes in Nutro
    Save those labels!
  • Changes to Eukanuba Adult Maintenance
    and Iams company response. Why you should save those labels.
  • Del Monte
    Nature's Recipe, Kibbles N' Bits, Skippy, Milk Bone, Gravy Train
  • Natura
    Innova, California Natural, Healthwise
  • Nestle
    Purina, Dog and Puppy Chow, Alpo, Pro Plan, One, Beneful, Fit N' Trim, Hi Pro, Kibbles N' Chunks, Mighty Dog, Veterinary Diets
  • Old Mother Hubbard
    Wellness, Neura
  • Pet Food Direct
    Good place to look up kibbles
  • Pro Pac Premium Pet Foods
    Has a low protein kibble
  • Proctor and Gamble
    Iams, Eukanuba
  • Waltham
    Pedigree, Little Cesar, Royal Canin, IVD Prescription Diets, Nutro, Banfield, Advance
  • Wysong
    Wysong, Synorgon, Anergen, Tundra Diets, Wysong Vegan
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    Health: Genetics and Orthopedics
    18 link(s)

  • Poodle Health and Genetics
    Useful for other breeds too
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    Health: Illness and Disease
    16 link(s)

  • Distemper and Parvo
    Adults can get these too!
  • Lyme Disease Network
    For people, but dogs get this too
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    Pet Loss
    15 link(s)

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    Special Dogs
    (Yes, I know YOUR dog is special too!)
    33 link(s)

  • Living with Blind Dogs
    Book highly recommended for owners of blind dogs

  • Teaching you own dog to be your assistance dog
  • Vibratel - Vibrating collar for deaf dogs
    Link goes nowhere. Email: I don't know if this is current.

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